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I will always write for the love of writing, because once you start writing with dollar signs in your eyes you lose a very important part of your creative self. However, as an unemployed writer, I sometimes consider this blog as a sort of new-age form of busking. I have seen a Donations button a couple of other writers’ blogs and, although it feels strange to even add a button like this to my own, I figured that the way things are going for me (and pretty much everyone else) financially these days, it couldn’t hurt. This is a huge shot in the dark and I really don’t expect anything to come out of it. I really do just appreciate time people spend on my blog, and hope to someday be able to make a comfortable living from writing alone, but until then it’s just me, a whole lot of job-hunting, and some cheeky little risks like this.

If you enjoy my writing and would be inclined to throw pennies into my hat if you saw me busking in the street, a click on the picture below will take you to a donations page. Of course, if you would prefer to comment below and curse me out for having the audacity to include such a page on my blog, that is equally understandable! Either way, I think we’re on the same page.
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7 thoughts on “Support The Poet

  1. Your poetry is really enjoyable and I think you should be heard. Writing is considered a creative activity and if you are working on that skill every day, maybe you could also come up with other creative solutions should you choose to apply that kind of insightful approach to your day-to-day needs. Have you considered putting together a book and crowd-sourcing the startup costs? To make a project like that successful you need a great theme, lots of spare time, ability to learn as you go and not a lot of cash. Just an example but I encourage/challenge you to follow the imperative in your heart to make your voice heard and accessible, to stand out amongst all the miserable dinginess that can get flung about due to apparent unconcern. There is not only room for poetry and poets, we need it. Not in a position to donate right now, but let me know if you ever put something together that I can purchase or support.

  2. You clearly have the spirit for being a poet, remind me of Mark Twain, have a reading of him, you may be related.
    Once he said as I remember, –the difference between a man and a dog is that dogs do not bite the hand that feeds them,
    buona fortuna

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