A Message To Readers

I wanted to dedicate a page to you, dear Reader, to thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. I am deeply humbled by the response to my work. I want you to know that as an unpublished writer it is incredibly encouraging to know that people are willing to spend a few minutes of their day reading something that I wrote! Even if you read my poetry and hated it, I still greatly appreciate every person who spared some of their time for me. I mean it. Knowing that someone sat down and thought “Hey, you might have something interesting to say, I’ll give you a chance” is worth more to me than you will ever know.

I am also constantly amazed by the locations of my readers. I have a wanderer’s soul and a pauper’s purse, so knowing that my poetry is reaching lands far, far away is amazing to me.

Hopefully someday I’ll catch up with it.

52 thoughts on “A Message To Readers

  1. I’m with you. It tickles me that my poem…one on here, for example…draws 200 views in one day from all over the world. For us unpaid poets, it is applause and applause is good.

    And you get my applause for liking my poem Affirmation on my blog WordMusic. Thank you, and do come back often. Maybe follow?

    Brent Kincaid

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