Meeting Place – N. E. Skull


Picture 47

Let us get our stories straight,
I saw you there across the bar.
I dared to ask you on a date,
And six weeks later, here we are.

I met you at the driving range.
You marveled at my swing technique.
You said you found it rather strange
And now we play four times a week.

Or maybe on a busy train?
I stood so you could have my seat.
We both stepped out into the rain.
Such a romantic place to meet.

When people ask us how we met.
we won’t say “on the internet.”

24 thoughts on “Meeting Place – N. E. Skull

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  2. Wow! One doesn’t find too many Elizabethan sonnets on WordPress…congratulations on a lively addition to the few!

    And a big thank you for clicking the “like” switch on my haiku site. Stop by anytime. Comments are always welcome. πŸ™„

    Ron —

  3. Jajajaja loved this one. I wish I could say I didn’t meet my boyfriend on the internet, but I did! although those other places sounded far more romΓ‘ntic πŸ™‚

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