Poetry 101 – N. E. Skull


Picture 170

A lecture hall filled with eager ears,

And fingers rushing pens across pages

Like inkwell olympians.

The professor tells his students what the poem is about.

And what it is not about.

And what to think.

And what to feel.

And what the right answers are

For when those thoughts and feelings will be graded.

The ghosts of Keats and Shakespeare

Are in the front row,

Rolling their eyes.

30 thoughts on “Poetry 101 – N. E. Skull

  1. Oh ya! but, for some damn reason it all comes back 🙂 you did put a 60’s smile on my face.
    PS: I remember walking into a lecture hall (I was auditing 🙂 and there there were… “baby” tape recorders feeding on the big “one” on the podium. I left, blaming it on bad acid:-)

  2. It’s a miracle some folks love poetry regardless of these professors that spoon feed meaning and feeling. I could visualize Shakespeare and a bunch of other poets in that first row.
    Luckily I had a few wonderful literature professors who mesmerized us with readings that transported us from the amphitheater to a place of deep thought and self-reflection. Thanks!

  3. Reblogged this on XBLACKCATX and commented:
    This is true for every lit class I’ve been to (which isn’t much) as you can tell, obviously.
    Also I’d like to note; like every other ‘wannabe’ poet, I just throw in a few rhyming words and call it poetry. Just like these graded lit exams made me.

  4. poetry is like modern art – the viewer sees specific colors, but what the placement and colors mean to each individual viewer varies. That’s my two cents about it.

  5. dude i dig this. i hate deconstructionism in college. that is why i didnt take any poetry classes. if they arent deconstructing amazing works of art they are arrogantly hypothesizing some bull shit about what a poem means.

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