First Draft – N. E. Skull


Picture 168


Or is it draught?
No, it’s definitely draft.
There’s a draught in here,
Better close the window.
I should close the curtains, too,
So as not to get distracted by the waves outside.
Is that a boat?
It’s surrounded by seagulls –
Must be a fishing boat.
I wonder how far out the boat must go
In order to yield such an impressive catch?
I wonder what kind of fish they are.
I should know, I’ve lived here long enough.
First Draught, first draft, first raft…
I wonder if I could build a raft,
If circumstances needed me to.
I doubt it. For some reason this worries me.
I’ve never been much of a craftsman.
I search “How to build a raft”.
It feels important to me now.
More important than this first draft.

10 thoughts on “First Draft – N. E. Skull

  1. i really enjoyed this poem. the correlations you suggest in this poem between draught/draft/raft remind me of Suzan-Lori Parks’ style in The America Play. the play is far more frustrating to read than your poem, but it reminds me of the many different interpretations an audience can have when listening verses reading a text. there are some cool essays she writes about her style–you should check them out! they’re a great read.

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