Beautiful – N. E. Skull


Picture 109

I do not like the word ‘beautiful’.
It floats too easily from the mouths of lovers.
Rather, it should be heavy –
a weight you carry with you always
and protect at all times,
until you find someone
worthy of unburdening you.
It needs more consonants –
harsh ones that wait in the pit of
your stomach and then
shoot out of you like lava.
Harsh consonants that make
their mark upon 
the heart
they speak to –
one lousy t is not enough.




26 thoughts on “Beautiful – N. E. Skull

  1. I like the way it hits me in the gut. You’re right about that. It should be heavy, a worthy adjective to someone who is beautiful starting from the inside, moving outward.

  2. I’m always interested how different words mean different things to diffferent people. It’s so hard for a word to truly express the thoughts of someone expressing it. I use the word beautiful for things that I find so intricately wondrous I feel I could stare at or otherwise ponder them for hours. It’s not just about how the thing or person looks it’s about the intricate mechanisms and processes that makes them up. For me what you talk of is ‘love’ which is certainly an over used word that needs some painfully pointed consonants.

  3. Words used often lose their value. What does ‘I love you’ mean when it gets spouted out many a time? Keep your words hidden, nurture them and only show them every once in a while. A very good post.

  4. Bravo! I have spent 5 mins trying to think of something intelligent to say back to you and that is when I noticed what you have really written. Like mana you have written an experience, there are no words to give you back they are already written. Thank you.

  5. I came here to say thank you for the like on my post. Then I read this…and it hits on so many levels I’ve been feeling lately. Thank you, more for the poem, for the written essence of something so complicated made indelibly simple.

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