Getting Lost – N. E. Skull


Mossy trails kissed with dew in misty morning air,

Higher up, the grass, like glass, cracks ‘neath travellers’ footwear,

But underneath your feet you’ll see no footprints left behind –

This is not the kind of place for other travellers to find.


The only way to find it is to get lost on the way.

You’ll never find it twice so please enjoy your stay.

When the journey seems fruitless and your ears are cold and sore,

Know you’ll find your resting place in just a few miles more.


Gather kindling for a fire, rest your head beneath the stars

Remember that the whole sky isn’t yours or mine – it’s ours.

Find solace in remembering that borders are man-made

There’ll be no fences near you when the night begins to fade.


Take these words, write them down, tear them up, forget them.

They’re already in your heart and they will guide you if you let them.

Stretch and yawn and greet the dawn with eagerness and grit,

Just close your eyes, spin around, open them – and sprint.


8 thoughts on “Getting Lost – N. E. Skull

  1. I love this one! thank you for your likes on some of my poems. Do you edit your own poems? Is there some kind of strategy to it, if you do, because I am trying to let my poems grow into something new and I am not sure how to approach editing.. I would love advice!

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